Regarding the 2nd Amendment…

Just saw a Facebook meme on gun-control that says gun-control proponents want

  • Mandatory training classes for people, not guns
  • More thorough background checks of people, not guns
  • Stronger negligence penalties for people, not guns

The meme ends with the thought that anyone who thinks activists are mad at the guns are too stupid to own them.

My question, then, if the activists aren’t mad at the guns, is why the focus of the current POTUS, Court Jester Vice POTUS, former Speaker of the House, Senate Minority leader, Gabrielle Giffords, and every activist on TV is on the guns? “‘Regular citizens’ don’t need semiautomatic GUNS”, “Register the GUNS”, “Ban the GUNS”, “Go door-to-door and take the GUNS” (has happened already in certain locales in California, as highlighted in this link:, etc.

Not that I, nor most other 2nd Amendment protectionists, would agree to this, but if that is what they truly want, why have the activists not offered something more muted than “ban the guns”, along the lines of the following?

“First-time firearm buyers must complete a state-approved firearm safety course prior to the initial firearm purchase. At the time of the initial
purchase, the purchaser’s name will be entered in a gun owner’s registry.”

Wouldn’t such a proposal be in complete agreement with the stated desires of gun-control advocates? So why hasn’t such a proposal been made?

The most obvious answer, whether right or wrong,  is that the most vocal activists are ANTI-GUN. Maybe they don’t represent the rank-and-file of the gun-control advocacy population, but they take front-and-center-stage whenever the TV cameras are on or a microphone is pointed at them.

And here’s the other big problem with the anti-gun zealots: they fail to recognize that those who are already criminals, hereinafter referred to as “thugs”, have earned that designation due to their demonstrated and repeated disdain and disrespect for their fellow citizens by breaking the laws that are already on the books. You cannot reasonably expect the lawless to obey the law.

CNN’s LZ Granderson has a take on it as well. Read it here:

Disarming the citizenry is the recipe for both anarchy and monarchy, neither of which particularly suits my palate.