Alaska – Day 13

The trip is winding down.

We visited our final port-of-call today: Ketchikan, Alaska. It’s a very pretty town.

We decided to take it easy today, and just took in a single show: the Alaskan Lumberjack Show. Two pairs of lumberjacks competed to see who would come out ahead in lumberjack-related skills. While entertaining, the demonstration showed that it’s a very physically demanding job, and not one that just anyone can do.


Tonight we begin what will be about 36 straight hours of sailing. Our vacation is coming to a close, and I think that’s fine with me. I’m getting tired of rude people: those who insist on crowding into an already crowded elevator; who insist on talking when tour guides are talking; who just don’t use common courtesy.

(I also found that a memory card reader had been included with my camera bag, but decided to wait until I get home to post pictures.)

One thought on “Alaska – Day 13

  1. thank you for your wonderful recap of your vacation! it was wonderful seeing the cruise portion of your vacation and your description of the landtour! I miss your group and loved the energy you all gave to jim and i. come back anytime, you have a guest room at my house 🙂

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