Alaska – Day 14

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We actually had night and day last night. Until then, we’d only had hints of darkness over the past couple of weeks, although they were becoming longer and darker the farther south we traveled. I wonder how hard it’s going to be to become adjusted to “normal” again?

We cruised all day today, much of it in the Inside Passage. I spent a lot of time just sitting with Yvonne and enjoying the view from Deck 11. We said what were likely final goodbyes to some of the folks we’d met on the train ride: Michael and Kelly, Doris’s sister, June, (I mentioned them both in an earlier post) and their sister-in-law, Carol (Doris was under the weather, but I’m hoping to see her at breakfast in the morning), and some others.

When Yvonne and I first married, we honeymooned on a combination cruise/Disneyworld vacation through the now-defunct Premier Cruise Line. We shared a table during meals with Larry and Charlotte (Warms? Harms?), who were celebrating their 50th anniversary, and another couple (Bill? Bob? and ????) who were celebrating their 25th.  That I remember Larry and Charlotte so vividly (I can hear his voice, even today) but not the other couple says a lot about the interaction between us all. Not that it really matters, but I would rather be more “Larry and Charlotte” than “what-were-their-names?” to those we met on this trip, and specifically, the train ride.

In about 9 hours, we’ll get off this ship for the last time. If I had made a list of “Things to see” on this trip, “Orca” would have been near the top.  Considering all of the people I got to know (even just a little bit) and all of the stuff I did see, not seeing an orca is just a minor letdown.

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