Alaska – Day 11

Our port of call today was Skagway. There’s not much to this town, but there is a lot of history here, as Skagway was one of the centers of the Alaska gold rush. It’s also home to a temperate rain forest (no, really!).

This is also a very tightly-knit community. Each year, they hold a rubber-duck race (individuals and businesses “sponsor” a rubber duck, which along with all of the other sponsored ducks is placed in the river and allowed to “race” to a finish line). The winners are the town’s graduating high school seniors (there were 5 in the class of 2012), who are treated to a party aboard a cruise ship and a trip to the Smithsonian.

Today we took a bus tour of White Pass, a rugged tundra of great beauty featuring glacial lakes, deep gorges, and beautiful waterfalls.

I have been reminded, in many different places over the course of this trip, of the powerful hand of this world’s Creator.

“Holy God, to whom all praise is due, I stand in awe of You.”


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