Alaska – Day 7

Hopped on the bus motorcoach this morning and headed south to Seward. Our driver, Jim, has done a great job making sure our luggage reaches our destination safely and that it’s waiting in our rooms. Today was the first and last time for him to drive us any appreciable distance, and he got us here, despite gusting winds, safely and without incident.

Our group’s last excursion together was the Resurrection Bay cruise. This little slice of heaven featured all of the elements needed for a great day on the water: blue skies, fair seas, and warm temperatures. (Okay, we had none of those things. It was in the high 40’s, drizzling, and fog shrouded the mountains for nearly the entire 3 hours, but the water was a beautiful blue-green.)

We did see several things that brought out the child in all of us, though:

humpback whales, otters, puffins,

bald eagles and eaglets, dolphins, and Bear Glacier, which is “locked” and doesn’t move.

Our arrival at the Seward Windsong Lodge marked the end of our association with Jim and our tour guide, Shaina, a lovely young lady who kept us on track and well-informed this first leg of the journey.

I appreciated both the efficient manner in which she handled her duties, and the humor and knowledge she provided along the way. She’s working on her Master’s degree in public health, and spent her evenings doing homework. I admire her dedication, and wish her much success in the future.


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