Alaska – Day 6

July 11, 2012

It’s been a good day. We awoke to overcast skies and very cool temperatures (I’m guessing mid-40 to low 50’s?) in Anchorage this morning, and had some time after visiting the  Alaska Native Heritage Center to check out the downtown area a bit. Lots of gift and souvenir shops, which tickled Yvonne’s fancy, and a quirky art studio (Sevigny Studio).

There are worse things than being able to walk through downtown with a view to the east of the Chugach mountains, I suppose, but I’m not sure that even that view would be sufficient to overcome the 50-below (Fahrenheit) cold spells during the winter.

Since Sunday, July 8, we’ve been traveling by rail with a group of about 50 other people, and some relationships have been built. Tonight we had dinner at Benihana with family (Debbie and Roy) and new friends Scott and Caren (Nevada), Edwin and Ramaris (Puerto Rico), and Judah and Malka (Florida via New York and Israel).

The intimacy of the train will soon become a fond memory as the “glamorous” part of the trip, the cruise, begins. While I’m looking forward to it, the opportunity to see some of Alaska’s interior has been priceless, but far too brief.


2 thoughts on “Alaska – Day 6

  1. Scott,
    We finally got to see your blog. It looks great. How did you come up with the name? Say hello to Yvonne, Debbie, and Roy. We were sorry that we didn’t connect the last day. Unfortunately, we had problems with our luggage.

    Take care.
    Caren and Scott

    • Great to hear from you Caren! We were hoping to see y’all (Texan for “you guys”), too.

      We only had one relatively minor luggage issue: Yvonne’s suitcase didn’t get on the plane with us from Dallas to Houston. She even had to go pick it up herself in Houston Sunday night.

      As far as the name goes, I’m not sure. It’s kind of ironic, though, given the number of posts I’ve done since I named it.

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