Alaska – Day 3

Alaska – Day 3 (July 8, 2012)

Left early on the train, in a glass-domed car bound for Denali National Park and Reserve, and realized quickly that glare was going to be a big obstacle to taking photos, so I headed downstairs to stand outside between the cars. No glare, but more obstacles in the form of the trees. Even at speeds of 30-60 mph, the temperature was pleasant enough that my short-sleeve t-shirt was still fairly comfy…until we approached Denali. (“Denali” is the Athabaskan Indian name for Mount McKinley, and means “the big one”.)

After lunch, we got on a bus to go about 19 miles into the park, with numerous stops to try and spot wildlife. But the goal, after all, is to catch a glimpse of Denali, which is obscured by clouds about 1/2 the time during the summer. The grand prize: a photo.

I didn’t get the grand prize, nor did anyone else today, most likely. But I took about 600 pictures (sure glad I bought that extra battery), and though I’ll probably delete about 1/2 of them, there are some pretty awesome consolation prizes: a snowshoe hare, a moose, a small caribou herd, mountains galore, rivers…but mostly, sharing this with Yvonne, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Denali is in there somewhere...


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