…and I am so blessed

I promise to slow down on these blog entries soon, but sometimes, the (b)logjam breaks and the river of thought rages…

I’ve been concerned lately about one of my nieces. She’s a nurse, and she works really hard, and I’m envious of her because even on the worst day that I can imagine having in her line of work, she is doing something that she absolutely loves.

She lives in my area with her husband and kids, and I see her at church all the time, and at family gatherings, but lately not so much.

So the other day, I sent her a message:  “Sure have missed seeing you! Love you!”

To which she replied: “Missed seeing y’all, too. Found the culprit behind the migraines. Evidently I am pregnant. 11 weeks today. Feeling good, but exhasted and fight headaches. At least no nausea. Due in Jan. just wanted you to know. Love you”

Me: “Well, I think that’s GREAT!!!! Love you, too!”

(The next day)

“Early or late January?”

Her: “Mid. January 15”

“I’m so excited for you!”

“Us too!! I’m so much bigger than w/ the others, but I feel great! Just tired and headaches”

“i love you so much.”

“Thank you! I love you, too, you know!”

“i do know, and i am so blessed”

“are you working toinight?” (sic)

Do you see what I did? I mean, really, do you see what I did?

My niece shares this fantastic news, and says that she considers herself blessed. Why? Obviously, her pregnancy, her husband and kids, her family…her Uncle Scott

And what do I do? Act as if she’s someone I barely know and switch the entire flow and direction of the conversation.


First, I’m not knocking my niece or anyone else for saying it.

It’s not that anyone in my family ever took anything for granted. My dad and mom grew up during the Depression. Their stories of hardship – Dad (at maybe 14 years old), his mom, and his 3 little sisters having just a single boiled chicken – just chicken – to share at Christmas; Mom picking cotton as a little girl until her hands bled – were just so vivid, I suppose, that I realize I’ve never had to deal with true hardship. Their stories helped me understand that I have been blessed, and I thank God for His blessings each and every time I pray. But it’s just one of those things that I just don’t say in general conversation. Maybe on some level I’m a bit self-conscious about having been the recipient of so many rich blessings without having done without. I don’t know.

But I sit here at my desktop computer (because my laptop charger died) researching ObamaCare and expressing my unhappiness about it, debating as I shiver from the air conditioning whether or not to get up and raise the thermostat in this house Yvonne and I built a little over 9 years ago, eagerly anticipating next Friday, when we leave for a 2-week Alaska vacation as an early celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, listening to Michael play the X-Box 360 in his room and hearing Lisa laugh in the living room while she watches TV and surfs the internet on her Mac laptop, walking into the family room and seeing Yvonne asleep on the couch, knowing that I serve a loving God who is always willing to forgive me…

…and I am so blessed.


One thought on “…and I am so blessed

  1. She is right, you know. We are blessed. We are blessed in many, many ways. Yes, we have homes, jobs, cars, food, electricity – things for which I am thankful. Things which improve the quality of my life.

    Farmore do I value my family. We have parents and siblings who love us, we were raised in a family of believers, we were taught from an early age that claiming to be a Christian and living as one are two very different things. We were taught to love and serve a Living God! Those are blessings beyond measure.

    We each have grown and have families of our own. I have a family whom I serve every day as a mother, wife, and daughter in love. I needed this post today to get me back on track; to remind me of what I am doing and why – because I love my family, because I serve God. Yes, I knew it, but sometimes I get so stuck in my own pitty party that I can’t get out of the mire. The intangibles – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control. Those are the places I find true blessings – when I express and teach them dilligently.

    So, I consider you a blessing too. We have you, Uncle Scott. I look forward to seeing you because you encourage me. You hug me and tell me you love me. You tell me you’ve missed me. I look forward to those brief moments where I feel like the most important thing. You encourage me to be a part of a family and to teach the intangibles.

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